Attraction is our strategic advertising campaign to generate inquiries. An inquiry is an interested couple who contacts you directly in order to get more information, such as pricing, packages, available dates, etc.

This first step uses Facebook and Instagram advertising to acquire leads at a fraction of the average market rate and at any quantity necessary.

We believe in going directly to where brides and grooms are spending their time and the average American checks one of these two platforms 14 times a day.

This proven lead generation strategy currently we generates over 150,000 inquiries per year for our venue clients.

(Averaging 100-300 inquiries per venue each month)



Capturing leads is vital to effective marketing. We only run advertising with the intent to acquire leads and give you the opportunity to connect and engage with them in Step 3.

The information we capture in our initial lead generation strategy is name, email, and phone number. This allows us to leverage multiple communication mediums in the next step.

Our Capture forms pass contact information directly into the marketing system we use to run the proven follow-up campaigns that create the results of increased bookings.

Watch how it all comes together in the next two steps.



We engage our prospects using our proprietary automated system, built within our own Engaged CRM software.

The system is intended to filter out couples who are not really interested in your venue or not a good fit, leaving you only the couples who are most qualified and ready to tour.

Your new inquiries are engaged through automated communication, using mediums with the highest proven engagement rates, to allow those who are not a good fit for your venue to self-select out, and get those who ARE a good fit to request a tour.

Leads that don’t engage in a sales conversation are useless, we have the highest response rate for leads converting to sales opportunities at 56%. For every 100 leads you Attract, you’ll engage with 56 or more of them in real sales conversations.



A booking is the goal of any and all marketing and advertising. This is the close of a successful sale and in the wedding industry, you must continue to sell every single day.

As you engage with couples through Step 3, you will be increasing the value you deliver and enhancing your opportunity to sell that couple on touring with you and ultimately booking.

After the tour, if the couple did not book on site, we continue automated sales communication to help close the gap and encourage couples to complete their booking with you.

This is the step most venues fail with and we have created a follow-up campaign to ensure you don’t let bookings fall through the cracks. 



Getting a Referral starts with the frontend advertising campaign. A referral could be a comment on an ad tagging another person, sharing the ad post, then carrying that same feel throughout your campaigns and into the booking process.

When the entire marketing and sales process feels high quality and the service matches, referrals are easier to get.

After an event, we then deliver an automated campaign asking for referrals and reviews. We make it easy for clients to give you those good referrals, because after all, they become the best new clients.