The Secrets Of The Top 1% Of Venues In The World...
By using these 4 Secrets, your bookings will sky-rocket and the relationships with your clients will be stronger than you can imagine.  

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Why We Out Perform

All other platforms combined


Advertising using creative strategies allowing for optimization, influence and improved performance. With WBS you'll no longer depend on the major industry directories to "hopefully" bring you leads and advertise for you, where there is no creative difference between you and a competitor. Now you can allow your brand to stand out, be positioned where couples are truly giving their attention and leads are higher quality.

  • Follow-Up System

The most robust and effective follow-up system in the industry. This is where no other platform or competitor even compares. Your new, proven follow-up system works in the venues we own, in client venues (168 venues in 11 countries) and it's continually improved as we find new advanced strategies. This follow-up system eliminates the need for you to chase leads and try to get a response. You will now only be communicating with couples who are truly interested in your venue.


The most important aspect of the WBS program is how it gives you your time back. Without the requirement to sit and chase brides for endless hours and days, our platform puts time back in your hands. Focus your time on other areas of the business knowing your marketing system is going to deliver you high-quality booking opportunities. Schedule them for a tour and book those weddings.

  • Return on investment

Average ROI of 4,118%. In the wedding industry over 70% of venues do not make any profit. Our focus is on helping you do two things simultaneously, first eliminate wasted labor costs associated with manually following up with inquiries. You can now allow technology to do that for you. Second, your new marketing system will increase inquiries, tours and bookings. Therefore, increasing your profitability.